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Building upwards on a new build on a busy high street is a questionable proposition. In a particular project described, it was challenging because the existing property was already taller than neighboring properties. However, fortunate circumstances arose as the next-door building submitted a planning application to rebuild at the same height.

Massing studies were crucial to demonstrate the compatibility of the new residential flats with the area. While other architects failed due to incorrect presentation and massing studies, this project succeeded.

The property’s advantageous location on a prominent high street, close to a train station, made it ideal for a new build home in London. The main challenge was assessing potential overlooking issues with neighboring properties and determining whether the height was acceptable, considering it was already taller than the existing structures.

On the structural engineering aspect we came across all the beams except columns were undersized how do we overcome such issues?

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Undoubtedly, the building needed to be extended higher, as the flat roof offered wasted space that could accommodate an additional flat. However, challenges arose regarding potential overlooking issues from the neighboring building and justifying further vertical expansion when the existing structure was already taller.

To address these concerns, rigorous massing studies were conducted. Steps backs and steps ins were introduced to reduce prominence, and CGI renders showcased the proposed building within the street scene alongside the neighboring development.

But was this enough? Discussions with the council’s case officer were held to refine the design for approval from their manager. Private amenity spacing was relocated, and doors were replaced with windows to mitigate overlooking concerns. The introduction of windows aimed to discourage using the flat roof as a balcony, especially on the side adjacent to the planned neighboring building.

These efforts ultimately secured planning consent.
Furthermore, our structural solutions involved increasing column heights and using our own beams as clear spans, rather than connecting to the previously under-designed beams by the prior structural engineer. A disproportionate collapse statement was provided to address safety considerations.

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