As professional structural engineers, AC Design Solution have over ten years of hands-on experience in delivering top-quality residential property projects. We take pride in designing and constructing structures that adhere to the highest safety standards.

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This project involved the complete design and construction of a five storey block of luxury apartments.

This project involved the complete design and construction of a five storey block of luxury apartments.

Our services

We recognise that home renovation is a one-of-a-kind endeavour. It’s about more than creating an efficient living space – it’s about manifesting your aspirations and lifestyle into a dream home. Our architectural services achieve just that.

We have overseen innovative structural engineering solutions for residential properties for over a decade. You can trust us to provide clear, thorough solutions that solve problems and bring your ideas to life.

A party wall separates adjoining buildings that share a property line, such as a dividing wall between two adjoining houses or a wall that all adjoining owners of a property share. We can assist with all aspects of design and approval.

Our team produces construction drawings tailored to your specifications. Our drawings provide the most accurate detailed documentation to ensure the smooth running of your project, from concept to completion.

No matter the size or cost of the project, new foundations must be as secure and stable as existing ones, allowing the creation of structures designed by the architect and a stable, safe platform for building work.

Neighbourly disputes can arise over party walls due to soundproofing, structural changes, disruption, and noise nuisance. We will propose changes that minimise disruption and can work with your neighbour, if necessary, to come to an agreement.

If you have a listed building, you must retain some original characteristics and apply for alterations. We can renovate your property and apply for listed building consent, enabling you to transform it without interfering with its character.

We size and specify retaining walls to protect residential structures from collapse and degradation. Our engineers will guide and advise you throughout your project, ensuring your retaining wall complies with regulations.

A schedule of conditions is a document that lists the factors that could affect a party wall. They may include details of the existing wall, such as its materials, age, height, and whether it is a single- or a double-skin wall.

We offer a complete loft conversion design service perfect for creating an extra bedroom, bathroom, or other space in your home. We will draw up plans and propose changes to your roof structure to accommodate your requirements.

When transforming existing interior spaces, oversized and unneeded load-bearing walls are commonly removed or partially knocked down to free up space. Our structural engineers will survey the wall and specify steel beams and other components.

A Party Wall Award is an agreement between two or more neighbours who share a wall dividing their property. It details which parts of the wall will be altered, who will take responsibility for alterations, and other relevant information.

We can apply for planning permission with local authorities on your behalf. We have extensive knowledge of the ever-changing regulations and will provide you with advice if amendments to your plans are needed to secure permission.

Basements are an untouched asset in many London homes, and a basement impact assessment is all you need to get started. We can help create an asset in your home with basement renovation that adds square footage.

Dissent signifies the adjoining owner is not granting consent for the Notice. Note that this does not necessarily mean refusal of the work but that they are taking advantage of the protections provided by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

We deliver bespoke conversions for flats and apartments to make your home spacious, modern, and homely. We will work with you to create a design solution, whether you are expanding a single room or making wholesale changes..

Reinforced concrete combines concrete and steel to bear tension, shear, and compressional stresses. It is often necessary for residential footings, foundations, columns, slabs, beams, and other structural components.

Consent to a notice signifies that the neighbour agrees to let the work proceed without adhering to the clauses of the party, providing permission for work without any liability for potential damage that may arise to your property..